Joseph Colyer • Graphic Design

Madigan Library


The Madigan Library is arguably the most recognizable building on the Pennsylvania College of Technology campus. A cascade of bold colors adorn its outer walls in an array of geometric subdivisions, constructing a monumentally contemporary landmark, reminiscent of De Stijl architecture. Its interior, however, offers a much more reserved, studiously open-aired atmosphere. Over the course of a single semester, one of my design courses entailed the welcome challenge of designing several elements to be placed into the library's environment.

All photography used through the project was captured by yours truly.

For your reference, the Madigan Library at Penn College's Facebook account is linked here.

Directory Signage

Directory Signage

My directory signage calls upon the high x-height of Futura to increase legibility from great distances and reflect the geometry of the library building. Here I placed emphasis on the O's to reference to the circular form of the library's grand clock at the entrance and relate the circular icons and directional elements of the sign. I've placed small iconographic illustrations here to create unity within the other two parts of the wayfinding package.



My maps refer to the career-forward vision of Penn College through bold and futuristic design choices. The grand scale of the map echos the monolithic structure they are present in, and the area I've placed them into allows the map to serve as piece of functional art. The leaflet version's clinical and blueprint-esque look and feel alludes to the college's technical nature.

Display Symbols

Display Symbols

These designs were to reflect six displays in the Madigan Library. From left to right, top to bottom, they stand for digital marketing, science, medical, culinary, business, and welding. I chose to use hands to reflect the college's hands-on marketing point, repeating again the circular geometry and sampling the red from the exterior of the building to both bring this statement color indoors as well as call attention to the symbols and the display cases they are to be present in.